The Pit Crew Challenge

Push your team's limits in this electrifying "pit crew" simulation using a real NASCAR. Test speed, efficiency, and communication under pressure. It's the ultimate leadership event for ambitious teams.

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Shred Waste, Supercharge Performance

The Pit Crew Challenge isn't just about fun and adrenaline. It's a catalyst for tangible results:

Experience real team building

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Blow past performance records
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Boost team spirit
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Hone collaboration
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Develop decisive, action-oriented leaders
Skip the Slides—Ignite Continuous Improvement
Classroom Kaizen? We wouldn’t call it electric.

The Pit Crew Challenge throws dull trainings out the window. Immerse your team in action-packed learning that sticks as they hone critical team dynamics in real time.

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"I can easily say this was the best training I have experienced. Not only was it fun and engaging for our entire employee base, but the benefits that came because of this experience have been innumerable. After several months, our teams continue to refer to and rely on the concepts that were learned in this team-building experience."

The Pit Crew Challenge Formula
Round 1: Rookie Pit Stop

Teams race the clock to pit a retired NASCAR as fast as they know how to.

Classroom Debrief

VEREO experts unpack core continuous improvement principles. We’ll look at what’s under the hood when it comes to your team’s collaboration and efficiency.

Round 2: Precision Pit Stop

Applying their newfound knowledge, teams execute a choreographed pit stop, aiming to shatter their initial time. 

Most teams take at least 30 seconds off of their original times.
Unlock Your Team's Hidden Potential: Take the Pit Crew Challenge

Don't settle for average. Taking the Pit Crew Challenge could be the difference between business as usual and record-breaking performance.

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