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Inventory Management: The Just-in-Time vs. Just-in-Case Dilemma

Companies have been reeling the past few years with supply and demand fluctuations. The patterns that supported inventory prior to the pandemic have been disrupted significantly and require an enhanced degree of supply chain management strategies. 

How to Build an Organization Structure That Achieves Your Strategy

Structure plays a key role in how people work and the way communication and directions are set. The speed of an organization’s decision-making can be limited by the levels of hierarchy and the power relationships given to its leadership team.

The Power of Ownership: How Accountability Mapping Turns Chaos into Clarity

An interesting study about “single point accountability” was conducted in New York City in the 1970s. The study involved a staged mugging. In this staged mugging the victim would yell out “someone call 9-1-1!” In this part of the study less than 50% of the people who heard the call actually dialed. The other part of the study involved the same mugging, but the victim would look directly at a bystander and say, “You call 9-1-1!” The results were amazing. Almost 100% of people complied!