Where is your business engine misfiring? 

We all have areas in business that need improvement, but it’s often hard to know where to start. The no-cost Business Excellence Assessment helps your team agree on where you are today and what actions to prioritize taking first.

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This isn’t about telling you what’s wrong with your business.

The Business Excellence Assessment is about aggregating perspectives from every member of the leadership team and facilitating a constructive conversation around the results.

With VEREO’s Business Excellence Assessment, your team discovers opportunities to improve together, so you achieve total alignment on your goals and make them reality. We start the conversation and your team steers it.

By the end, you’ll have a holistic look at

  • Organizational challenges
  • What’s causing the challenges
  • What actions to prioritize to move forward

Make the assessment part of your annual strategic plan to get quick clarity on where your team lacks alignment.

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"This is cutting-edge leadership science... this is the top of the game right here."

How It Works
Ready to Assess?

Let us know when your team is prepared to take the first step, and we'll provide a custom link to your team’s assessment.

Dive into the Evaluation

Each member of your leadership team will anonymously answer roughly 50 questions (adjusting for your industry) related to your business's performance in six key areas. No contact information is required.

Build Your Roadmap Together

One of our experts will guide a productive two-hour discussion with your team. We'll explore your team's challenges, uncover their root causes, and brainstorm potential solutions. The result? A tailored business optimization plan just for you.

6 Cylinders of the Business Excellence Assessment

Your business is a vehicle that was built to reach a destination. The vehicle must have an engine that powers the operation to deliver its cargo to the end customer.

High-growth businesses are dialed-in in 6 areas we call “cylinders.” Each cylinder must be timed perfectly or your engine won’t run efficiently. Our assessment takes a deep dive into your performance across these cylinders, giving you insights that fuel change and help you reach your objectives.


Is your strategy clearly defined with the objectives and goals you want to achieve? Do you know how to act on your strategy? Most companies unknowingly operate with incomplete strategies.


Is your organizational design aligned to the strategy? If not, you might experience gaps in performance and friction between departments.

People Systems

Do your systems enable and empower the people working in your organization? Are your managers good operators or good leaders? Low performance is often a symptom of weak people systems.

Methods & Tools

Are there clear processes, systems, and standards that make operations procedures clear? Organizations who struggle with methods and tools experience safety, quality, and productivity pains.

Lateral Processes

How well do teams across departments work together and communicate? Lateral processes combine organizational structure and work methods together so no person or team is operating on an island.

Metrics & Rewards

Do the metrics you use to measure performance speak to your strategy? The answer is clear when you implement a metrics system that tracks progress from executive leadership to frontline workers.

Repeat What Works, Optimize What Doesn't

Strengthen your team and processes with proven principles designed for continuous progress. We've helped hundreds of businesses conquer inefficiency and drive profitable growth.

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