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Finally maximize your business potential and accelerate revenue with business transformation partners that don’t just consult, they get their hands dirty with you. We don’t rest until you achieve results.

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Proof of Performance

Helped a $12M company capture a $14M backlog through improved processes, inventory management, and building expansion.
Removed bottlenecks in a dairy company, taking sales from $8.5 million to $10 million.
Increased production in an accessory dwelling unit company by 50% and reduced backlog from $14 million to $5 million.

“The VEREO team takes seemingly very difficult problems and makes them enjoyable to work through – this is not always the case in manufacturing and operations. Their ability to grasp our business model and our issues and opportunities within hours was quite impressive. What was more impressive was their ability to start improving our operations immediately. They partnered with us and within the first month we were hitting record shipments, and these have increased for the past 3 months.”

Can your business engine go the distance?

As a business leader, you have plenty of people telling you what will take your organization to the next level, but no one telling you how to do it. To succeed, you need to know how to:

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    Lower costs
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    Increase profits
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    Attract, retain, and develop talent
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    Manage a detailed inventory
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    Understand an intricate supply chain
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    Produce consistent quality
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    Protect your business from cyber attacks
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    Follow strict regulations
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    Navigate labor shortages
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    Discover innovative ways to develop products

Critical improvements won’t happen without strategic and tactical support. With a team who has a track record of precision and execution, your business will start firing on all cylinders in months, not years.

Can your business engine go the distance?

As a manufacturing leader, you deal with unique and complex problems only people in your industry can understand.

  • Lowering costs
  • Increasing profits
  • Attracting, retaining, and developing talent
  • Managing a detailed inventory
  • Understanding an intricate supply chain
  • Producing consistent quality
  • Protecting your business from cyber attacks
  • Following strict regulations
  • Navigating labor shortages
  • Discovering innovative ways to develop products

We’ve been in your shoes and have found solutions to all of the most paralyzing problems you face every day. When you work with iMpact Utah, you’ll see how well your business performs when it’s firing on all cylinders.

People first. Then process.

Most consultants will tell you how you can optimize your processes to accelerate your business. The problem is they forget about the people who run those processes. VEREO prioritizes people systems first to ensure an engaged, informed team is fueling your business engine.

Industries We Serve

Have complex organizational structures and processes? We can help.

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Prepare to excel in 4 core areas


When it comes down to it, it’s about profits. We see the big picture and know how to make your people and processes work together to help you achieve your ultimate goals.



Meet your leadership potential–from managing cash flow to developing culture–and make sure emerging leaders in your organization are prepared to get behind the wheel and steer.


Sales & Marketing

If you can’t sell, you can’t compete. We will make sure you do with powerful brand, sales, and marketing strategies that are tailored to your unique industry and goals.



Gain a competitive advantage with cutting-edge cybersecurity and automation tech expertise. When you’re prepared for cybercriminals and an ever-evolving tech landscape, you’re prepared to win.

Shift to Thrive in 3 Steps

Don’t hire a consultant. Work side by side with an expert who will step on the gas and get your business vehicle to the finish line.


Do the strategic work. Make the necessary tactical changes. Do it all with good people who have had reputable success in operations, sales & marketing, finance, leadership, tech, and more.


Knowledge is power. Empower your team to continue the transformation process through active learning, including certification training, dynamic workshops, and professional development.

The VEREO team gives you proven knowledge and talent that accelerates your business engine like nothing else has. If it doesn’t, that’s on us.

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Service Highlight

Pit Crew Challenge

Live out your dream of being in a NASCAR pit crew in a friendly competition with coworkers. This event is a fast, hands-on leadership and continuous improvement experience that will get your team’s adrenaline pumping. Plus, they’ll take their new knowledge to work and increase performance.

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Align Your Leadership Team
Take the No-Cost Business Excellence Assessment

This assessment is for leadership teams that are serious about taking their companies from stalling to racing. By the end of the exercise you’ll have a physical, detailed roadmap of where your performance gaps are, what’s causing them, and how to fix them.

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